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Mandy Hager lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her husband and two teenage children.

She trained as a primary school teacher and later specialised in teaching adults and children with learning disabilities. She also has an Advanced Diploma in Applied Arts (Writing) from Whitireia Community Polytechnic. In 2001 she worked as a tutor and mentor for the Writing Programme at the polytechnic, and now works as a mentor on a part-time basis. She is involved in the NZ Book Council’s Writer In Schools scheme, and has run workshops for the Nestle Write Around New Zealand competition.

Mandy’s first book, “Toms Story” (pub. Mallinson Rendel Ltd) is a picture book dealing with the topic of grief, and won an Honour Award in the 1996 New Zealand Aim Children’s Book Awards. It has also been produced for radio.

Since then she has published three novels for the 11+ age group. The fast-paced, high action thriller/adventure, “Run For The Trees” 1999 (Steele Roberts Ltd) was adapted for audiotape in 2000, and short-listed for CanRead 2000. “Double Danger” and “Stumpy’s Secret” 2000 (Learning Media) are currently released through schools in USA, Singapore, Canada and Australia.

Mandy has also had short stories and poems published in New Zealand. Juno Lucina is her first novel for adults.


“Great Book! Like Ben and Ange, a new generation is answering the cries of a sick planet and doing what they can to protect it from the vested interests of short-term profiteering. Time to shout ‘Stop’ from the highest rimu tree to the depths of the ocean. Every voice counts.” Dr David Bellamy, internationally acclaimed botanist.

“Ben is a delightful main character who thankfully doesn’t have the answer to everything, Superman-like – but struggles with each obstacle and makes a tremendous effort to problem-solve. Usually he succeeds. When he doesn’t, he berates himself, because at heart he still thinks he’s a dummy. The reader can see through this, though, so the message is cleverly delivered – we can be our own worst enemy. Have faith.” Paula Boock, award-winning NZ author.

“I would recommend this book to anyone of my age living anywhere, because I am sure that everyone can relate to at least one part of this book.” Presto, Evening Post, May 1999.

“Run for the Trees is a fast-paced, exciting read. The plot is ‘real’ and it shows how young people can also join the fight to save our environment. Above all, Ben is a ‘real’ character – by the end of the book you decide he’s someone you’d really like to have as a friend.” Tearaway Magazine – June 1999.

“…A stunning and exciting novel for young adults…as far as I’m concerned the highest accolade I can give it is to tell you that I read it in one sitting.” V. Scott -Evening Post, May 1999