Who are we?

Wings ePress, Inc. Takes Flight

New royalty-paying, electronic and trade quality paperback book publisher offers an alternative to established and upcoming authors.

In a time when many publishers are suffering the effects of a rocky inaugural period in epublishing, the founders of WINGS ePRESS, Inc. decided there was still plenty of room for an honest, nourishing community where writers could feel confident and respected. Brought together by a mutual love of quality fiction, this unique group of experienced editors, artists, managers and technicians bring many exciting talents to the WPI table.

WPI opened its cyber doors at www.wings-press.com , with offerings in General Fiction and all genres of Romantic fiction. Books will be available as downloads in popular ebook formats, along with quality trade paperback editions. In addition to publishing a catalog of excellent fiction, WPI plans to put into place an entire writer's community where authors can work directly with editors while honing their craft, exchange ideas, share in promotional and educational opportunities and grow as professionals.



Vice Presidents:

Marilyn Kapp, Chief Financial Officer, mkapp2@roadrunner.com

Linda Voth, Fulfillment Director, lady0@earthlink.net

Executive Editor:

Marilyn Kapp, mkapp2@roadrunner.com

Senior Editors:

Leslie Hodges, Historical Romance and General Fiction: Historical, lesliehodges@wings-press.com

Leslie Hodges, Contemporary, Young Adult, Women's Fiction, Romantic Suspense; Romantic Mystery, Inspirational and Encore L'Amour, lesliehodges@wings-press.com

Jeanne Smith, General Fiction Futuristic, Fantasy, Horror and Paranormal (FFH&P) and Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance (FF&P),  jeanne@jeannehoward.com

Jeanne Smith, General Fiction: Mystery/Cozy, Suspense/Thriller, Action Adventure and Mainstream, jeanne@jeannehoward.com

Marketing Director:

Marilyn Kapp,  mkapp2@roadrunner.com

Art Director:

Pat Evans, artdirector@wings-press.com

Web Administrator:

Pat Evans, webadmin@wings-press.com

Author Liaison:

       Marilyn Kapp,  mkapp2@roadrunner.com

For printing and shipping, contact Linda Voth, lady0@earthlink.net


Pat Evans, subs@wings-press.com for submission

Guidelines are posted and WPI acquisitions staff members are anxious to start reviewing manuscripts. Authors interested in submitting their work should check URL www.wings-press.com periodically.