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Joan Conning Afman     author's page

The Last Time We Were Here - Paranormal Reincarnation     excerpt

Sacrifice At Mystery Hill - Paranormal Mystery     excerpt

Carolyn Ann Aish     author's page

Stepping Stones - Young Adult     excerpt     interview

Kind Heart - Inspirational Romance     excerpt     interview

Agnes Alexander     author's page

Valissa's Home - Historical Romance     excerpt

Opal's Faith - Historical Romance     excerpt

Kathy Anderson     author's page

Dark Forces - Horror     excerpt     interview

Misha Andrews     author's page

The Thirteenth Circle - Young Adult Mystery     excerpt

Jane Anstey     author's page

Beauty For Ashes - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Ellen Anthony   author's page 

Lura's Oregon Trail Adventure - Young Adult     excerpt    interview

Jacob's Oregon Trail Adventure - Young Adult     excerpt    interview

Joseph Armstead    author's page

The Screaming Season - Horror     excerpt     interview

Marguerite Arotin     author's page

The Locktender's Daughter - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview


Jina Bacarr      author's page

Dangerous Curves - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Kay Bailey     author's page

Crossing Nebraska - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Connie Baker     author's page

Mother's Pride; Mother's Anguish - Young Adult Fantasy     excerpt

Kenneth Baker     author's page

Jenny's Ghost: Love is Forever - Paranormal Romance     excerpt 

Twice In Life - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Strike Three Armageddon - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

Richard Whitten Barnes     author's page

The Corydon Snow - Historical     excerpt

Brink - Mystery     excerpt

Bad Medicine - Mystery     excerpt

Luzon - Historical     excerpt

Forgotton Roots - Historical     excerpt

A Scent of Almond - Mystery     excerpt

Enemies - Historical     excerpt

Lynnette Baughman   author's page 

Lost Almost - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt    interview

Vegas Centennial: An Olivia Wright Mystery - Mystery     excerpt     interview

Jeremy Benjamin     author's page

After - Science Fiction     excerpt      interview

Susan Newton Bennet     author's page

Golden Love - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Doubt - Historical Romance     excerpt

My Love Will Always Haunt You - Historical Romance     excerpt

Stephen Benson     author's page

Right Of Champions - YA Fantasy Romance     excerpt

Dr. Richard A. Berjian     author's page

Behind Hospital Doors - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

Faith Frances Berlin      author's page

A Woman Of Quality - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Joel Betancourt     author's page

Porcelain Doll - Horror     excerpt

Margaret Birks     author's page

Treasures From An Earthen Pot - Historical Romance     excerpt

Margaret Blake     author's page

Bitter Betrayal - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Claire Bocardo    author's page

Maybe Later, Love - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Sweet Nothings - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Lovers And Friends - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Becoming Sarah - Women's Fiction     excerpt     interview

Dorothy Bodoin     author's page

Winter's Tale - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

A Shortcut Through The Shadows - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

Cry for the Fox - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

Treasure At Trail's End - Gothic Romance     excerpt     interview

Ghost Across The Water - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

The Witches Of Foxglove Corner - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

The Snow Dogs Of Lost Lake - Cozy Mystery      excerpt    interview

Darkness at Foxglove Corners - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

The Collie Connection - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

A Time Of Storms - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

The Dog From The Sky - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Spirit Of The Season - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Another Part Of The Forest - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Where Have All The Dogs Gone? - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

The Secret Room Of Eidt House - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

Follow A Shadow - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

The Snow Queen's Collie - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

The Door In The Fog - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Dreams And Bones - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

A Ghost of Gunfire - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

The Silver Sleigh - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Judy Boettcher     author's page

Awake, My Love - Inspirational Romance     excerpt     interview

Sweeter Than Honey - Inspirational Romance     excerpt     interview

Sandra Bonaldi     author's page

Midnight Magic - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Past Reflections - Contemporary Romance      excerpt     interview   

Paddy Bostock     author's page

Mole Smith And The Diamond Studded Pistol - Suspense     excerpt     interview

Two Down - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt     interview

La Joie le Vivre - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

For The Love Of A Woman - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt

Foot Soldiers - Action Comedy     excerpt

Hand In Glove - Adventure Comedy     excerpt

Noddy In Wonderland - Fantasy     excerpt

Peace on Earth - Adventure Humour     excerpt

Judith Boswell     author's page

The Junior Officer - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

Jason Bougger     author's page

Holy Fudgesicles - Young Adult     excerpt

Nancy S. Brandt     author's page

Fabric Of Faith - Inspirational Romance     excerpt    interview

Mary Brockway     author's page

Persimmon Bayou - Historical Suspense     excerpt

St. Annie Corps - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Of Dove And Falcon - Historical     excerpt     interview

Soaring Falcons, Falling Doves - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Falcons Fly West - Historical     excerpt     interview

The Willows Of Sky Pass - Historical     excerpt

Escape From Structiny - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

John A. Broussard     author's page

The Case Of The Mail Order Bride - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

A. J. Bryant     author's page

To Honor The Fallen - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Sef Bumaat     author's page

Anh To Be Surprised - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Vera Berry Burrows     author's page

Tomorrow Never Comes - Historical     excerpt

Regarding Kimberley - Historical     excerpt     interview

Connections - Mainstream     excerpt

Family Matters - Historical     excerpt

My Name Is Aphrodite - Mainstream     excerpt

Marge Burke     author's page

Letters To Mary - Historical/Women's Fiction     excerpt

Laura Burks     author's page

Altered - Paranormal Romance     excerpt     interview

Jo Burman     author's page

Passing Fancy - Inspirational Romance     excerpt     interview

Forget Me Not - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Olga V. Button     author's page 

Phoenix Farm - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt    interview

Run, Joy, Run - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt    interview

Eagle's Nest - Paranormal Romance     excerpt     interview

Marilynn Byerly     author's page

Guardian Angel - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview


W. J. Calabrese     author's page

Borderland - Horror     excerpt    interview

First In The East - Historical      excerpt     interview

The Endless Place - Horror     excerpt     interview

To Capture an Eagle - Historical     excerpt    interview

Tales From Someplace Else - Horror     excerpt     interview

To See Father Washington - Historical     excerpt     interview

The Offering: The Ghost Doctor Adventure - Horror     excerpt     interview

The Amazing Adventures Of Nicholas Noodle - Young Adult     excerpt

Christy Cameron     author's page

Who's Watching The Kids - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Over Yesterday - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Elaine Cantrell     author's page

The Welcome Inn - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Ross Carnes     author's page

Whisper Of Atlantas - Fantasy     excerpt     interview

Doc Carson     author's page

Energy - Action Thriller     excerpt

Margery Casares     author's page

Flood, Drought and Trudy Pyburn - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Camille Cavanagh     author's page

A Claim On Her Heart - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

H. L. Chandler     author's page

The Keepers - Light Horror     excerpt     interview

Evil Intent - Paranormal     excerpt

Song Of The Sparrow - Adventure     excerpt

Lost In Fear - Paranormal     excerpt     interview

Legion's Land - Science Fiction     excerpt

Hoodoo Murder - Mystery     excerpt

Mystery At Sunset Ridge - Mystery     excerpt

D. L. Chance     author's page

Miss Rosalie And The Primrose Fool - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Naomi Chapman     author's page

Criminal Company - Suspense/Thriller      excerpt

Linda Ciletti     author's page

Draegon's Lair - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

KnightStalker - Paranormal Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Debbie Civil     author's page

The Hunter - Fantasy     excerpt

Jonathon Clemmer     author's page

And Then There Were None - Horror     excerpt     interview

Eleanor Cocreham     author's page

Choice Makers - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Risk Takers - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Heart Breakers - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Living Lies - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Catherine Anne Collins    author's page

The Crystal Of Light - Fantasy Romance     excerpt

Megan Columbo     author's page

Standing Room Only - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

JoEllen Conger     author's page

The Queen of Candelore - Historical Romance      excerpt     interview

Rite Of Passage - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Return Of The Goddess - Fantasy Romance     excerpt     interview

Cinderella And The Stripper - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Goodbye, My Darling - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

The Future King - Historical Romance     excerpt

Freedom To Ride The Wind - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt

Erika And The Mysterious Mr. Lagren - Paranormal     excerpt     interview

Coyote's Flute - Paranormal     excerpt

High King of Brightland - Historical Fantasy     excerpt

The Sound And The Silence - Historical     excerpt

The Red-Haired Witch - Historical Fantasy     excerpt

PJ Connolly     author's page

The Priest's Wife - Women's Fiction     excerpt

Allie Cooper     author's page

Regret - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Judith Copek     author's page

World Of Mirrors - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

T. D. Courtland     author's page

Run In With The Law -Inspirational Romance    excerpt     interview

Montana Man - Inspirational Romance     excerpt

Rhobin Lee Courtright     author's page

Magic Aegis - Fantasy Romance     excerpt     interview

Acceptance - Fantasy Romance     excerpt     interview

Home World: Aginfeld- Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt     interview

Rogue's Rules - Futuristic /Sci-Fi  Romance     excerpt     interview

Loser's Game - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt     interview

Devil's Due - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt     interview

Change - Fantasy Romance     excerpt     interview

Legend's Cipher - Fantasy     excerpt     interview

The Nanite Warrior - Furturistic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt

Mary Beth Craft     author's page

The Maybe Tree - Mainstream     excerpt

Irene Crawford-Saino     author's page

Rainbow in the Snow - Romance     excerpt

Andrea Crisp     author's page

The Island - General Fiction Futuristic      excerpt     interview

Evelyn Cullet     author's page

Masterpiece Of Murder - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Love, Lies and Murder - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Once Upon A Crime - Romantic Mystery     excerpt


Jim Daddio     author's page

Heaven or Hell: A Story About Human Trafficking - Mystery     excerpt

Las Vegas Dead - Mystery     excerpt

DB Dakota     author's page

The Executioner's Song - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

The Shoot From Hell - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

The Search For The Icon Bandit - Mystery/Crime    excerpt

The Smokeout of Blackjack - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

The Pursuit Of The Media Mafia - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

The Manhunt For Zoner One - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

...boy with no name - Fantasy/Adventure    excerpt

The Diary Of The Tenth Man - Suspense     excerpt

The Vigil For Johnny's Mission - Suspense     excerpt

The Hunt For Avon's Ghost - Cozy Mystery     excerpt


Jeane Daly     author's page

Looking For Jimmy Stewart - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Nancy Minnis Damato     author's page

The Pawn - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

Belonging - Mainstream    excerpt     interview

Separate Worlds - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

Broken Promises - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Jessica Damien     author's page

Shades Of Grey - Paranormal     excerpt

William E. Darke     author's page

Echoes - Paranormal     excerpt     interview

Nina Davies     author's page

Dangerous Chemistry - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

James Scott DeLane     author's page

The Debt Collector - Fantasy Romance      excerpt

Twisted And Other Tales - Paranormal Anthology     excerpt     interview

Mythradies Boutique - Paranormal Fantasy Anthology      excerpt

The Blue Orchid and Other Tales - Sci-Fi/Futuristic Anthology     excerpt

Michaeline Della-Fera      author's page

Trading Faces - Cozy Mystery     excerpt    interview

A Taste Of Death - Mystery     excerpt

Stacey Dennis     author's page

A Taste Of Honey - Contemporary Romance     excerpt    interview

Sherry Derr-Wille     author's page

Becky's Rebel - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Coffee, Tea Or Love - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Transplanted Love - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

A Precious Jewel - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Bosslady - Western Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Her Tenant - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Kate Armstrong: Over-The-Hill Coed - Encore L'Amour      excerpt     interview

Hello, Do You Know Me? - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Quade's Quest - Historical Western Romance     excerpt     interview

The Preacher Takes A Husband - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Sue Watkins: Over-The-Hill Biker Bride - Encore L'Amour     excerpt    interview

Wind Dancer's Desire - Western Historical Romance     excerpt

Josephine's Journey - Western Historical Romance     excerpt

What Did You Do In The War, Grandma? - Encore L'Amour     excerpt

Tall Elk's Woman - Western Historical Romance     excerpt

Maria Desrosiers     author's page

The Phoenix - Historical Romance      excerpt     interview

Elizabeth DiMeo     author's page

The Preacher's Dead - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt

B. L. Dodson     author's page

Amberley - Regency Historical Romance     excerpt    interview

Ben Douglas     author's page

Finding Elmer Lee - Mystery Detective     excerpt    interview

Deadly Passion - Mystery Detective     excerpt     interview

Shadow Of Malice - Mystery Detective     excerpt     interview

The Stalker - Mystery Detective     excerpt     interview

Anne Dynowski     author's page

For Better, For Worse, Forever - Inspirational Romance     excerpt     interview


Axel Earl      author's page

The Letter -  Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Mary Edwards     author's page

Angel's Rest - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Kathy Elbinger     author's page

Frequency - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Julianne Elliott     author's page

Hearts Kept Waiting - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

C. Elizabeth     author's page

Absolute Obsession - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Absolute Obstruction - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Soul Control - Young Adult Paranormal Romance     excerpt

Michael Embry     author's page

Foolish Is The Heart - Mainstream     excerpt

A Confidential Man - Mainstream     excerpt

A Long Highway - Mainstream     excerpt

The Touch - Mainstream     excerpt

Shooting Star - Young Adult     excerpt

The Bully List - Young Adult     excerpt

Old Ways and New Days - Mainstream     excerpt

Evanell     author's page    aka Peggy P. Parsons     author's page

Glimpse Of Eternity - Paranormal Fantasy Time Travel with angel and fairy godmother     excerpt     interview

Glimpse Of Forever - Paranormal Fantasy     excerpt     interview

Glimpse Of Never Ending Love - Paranormal Romance     excerpt     interview

Jayme Evans     author's page

Sinister Knight - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

To Sail Through Time - Paranormal Historical Time-Travel Romance     excerpt     interview

Eternity's Many Loves (Book 1) - Paranormal Vampire Romance     excerpt     interview

Eternity's Lonely Heart  (Book 2) - Paranormal Vampire Romance     excerpt     interview

Eternity's Sweet Endeavor (Book 3) - Paranormal Vampire Romance     excerpt     interview

To Wish Upon A Star (Book 1) - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt     interview

To Wish For Peace (Book 2) - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt     interview

To Wish For Love (Book 3) - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt

To Wish For Trust (Book 4) - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt

To Wish For Hope (Book 5) - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt

Eternity's Scottish Hero (Book 4) - Paranormal Vampire Romance     excerpt

To Wish For Someone (Book 6) - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt

To Wish For Adventure (Book 7) - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt     interview


Katrina Farabaugh      author's page

Prelude To Morning - Historical Romance     excerpt

Diana J. Febry     author's page

The Skeletons Of Birkbury - Mystery/Crime     excerpt     interview

Debts And Druids - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt     interview

Elephant In The Room - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

Each To Their Own - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

Bells On Her Toes - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

Point of No Return - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

Thomas Fenske     author's page

The Fever - Mainstream     excerpt

Michaeline Della-Fera      author's page

Trading Faces - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

A Taste Of Death - Mystery     excerpt

Trisha FitzGerald-Petri     author's page

Casting Off - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Making Tracks - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Over The Wall - Contemporary Romance      excerpt     interview

There And Back - Suspense/Thriller      excerpt

Stuart Ford     author's page

Lost In Africa - Action/Adventure     excerpt     interview

Emma's Camp - Action/ Adventure     excerpt     interview

Prudence Foster     author's page

Devil Eyes - Horror     excerpt

Joan M. Fox     author's page

A Sweeter Revenge - Historical Regency Romance     excerpt     interview

MM Francis     author's page   

A Kart for LIndy - Young Adult     excerpt     interview


Joel Galloway      author's page

Peephole - Historical     excerpt

Marilyn Gardiner   author's page

Flight of Angels - Paranormal Romance     excerpt    interview

My Pretty lady - Encore L'Amour     excerpt    interview

Keeper Of The Singing Bones - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

When The Wind Blows - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

A Trivial Pursuit - Inspirational Romance     excerpt    interview

Dancing Ladies - Paranormal Romance     excerpt

Window On Windemere - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Banjo Eyes - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Mistletoe and Holly - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

D. K. Gaston     author's page

XIII - General Fiction Supernatural Suspense Thriller      excerpt     interview

Nancy Gotter Gates     author's page

When Push Comes To Death - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Becky Gauger     author's page

The Wizard's Wife - Fantasy Romance     excerpt     interview

Patricia Gilbert     author's page

Love And Limoncello - Encore L'Amour     excerpt     interview

Kathe Gogolewski     author's page

Tato - Young Adult Fantasy     excerpt     interview

Rosemary Goodwin     author's page

Lavender and Love - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Joel Goulet     author's page

Clandestine Rendezvous - Mystery     excerpt     interview

Thundering Vengeance - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt     interview

Austin Miller And The Secret of Whitmer - Science Fiction     excerpt     interview

3333 Years - Fantasy     excerpt

Death Of The Apocalypse - Paranormal     excerpt

Silver Fox - Historical     excerpt

The Swiss Guard - Historical     excerpt

Rebecca Grace (Rebecca Martinez)     author's page

Love On Deck - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Desert Blossom - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Home Fires Burning - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Silby Grant     author's page

The Ghosts Of Gifford Hall - YA Suspense     excerpt     interview

S. D. Grady     author's page

An Accomplished Lady - Historical Romance     excerpt

Rosie Graham    author's page

Another Chance At Love - Contemporary Romance      excerpt     interview

Jim Green     author's page

Dream Chasers - Young Adult     excerpt     interview

Night Whisper - Young Adult     excerpt     interview

The Ghost Dancer - Young Adult     excerpt     interview

Shadows Of The Moon... Dancing - Young Adult     excerpt

Across The Thin White Lines - Young Adult     excerpt     interview

Children Of The Bones - Young Adult     excerpt     interview

The Shadow Walkers - Young Adult     excerpt

Patricia Gulley     author's page

Downsized To Death - Mystery     excerpt


Lesley Hager     author's page

Coincidence - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Mandy Hager    author's page

Juno Lucina - Fantasy     excerpt    interview

Larry Hammersley     author's page

A Change Of Heart - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Lynette Hall Hampton     author's page

Stetson Mold - Inspirational Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Duo Of Opposites - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

The Calendar Clan - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

June & Wallace - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

The Ferrington Men: Gabe - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

The Ferrington Men: Josh - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Emerywood Park - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Twila Hanna     author's page

Shadows in Time - Contemporary Romance     excerpt    interview

Tonya Sue Harms     author's page

The Siren's Song - Historical Romance     excerpt 

Eileen Harris     author's page

An Alicia Trent Mystery: Book 1 Antique Magic - Mystery     excerpt     interview

Desert Shadow - Adventure     excerpt     interview

An Alicia Trent Mystery: Book 2 Antique Forgery - Mystery     excerpt     interview

An Alicia Trent Mystery: Book 3 Antique Discovery - Mystery     excerpt

An Alicia Trent Mystery: Book 4 Antique Legacy - Mystery     excerpt

Dowager Diaries: Book 1 The Black Cane - Mystery     excerpt

Charity Hegglund     author's page

Tragedy & Triumph - Inspirational Romance     excerpt

Marie Held     author's page

Savannah's Secret - Romantic Mystery     excerpt

Louise Hendricksen     author's page

Bitter Vintage - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

The Riddler's Fearsome Secret -Young Adult     excerpt

R. L. Hennessy     author's page

Child Of The Stars - Futuristic/Sci-fi     excerpt     interview

Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks     authors' page

Kate And The Kid - Mainstream     excerpt

Don Higgins     author's page

Murder In The Bathroom - Mystery    excerpt

Festering Wound - Paranormal Suspense Thriller     excerpt

Carolyn Hinchy-Wertman     author's page

Deadly Attraction - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Lynn Hinds     author's page

The Rocking Chair - Romantic Mystery     excerpt     interview

Ellis Hoff      author's page

Bingo Boogie - Romantic Suspense      excerpt

Nick Hofmeister     author's page

Kalliste - Futuristic/Sci-Fi     excerpt

Laura N. Hogg     author's page

The 12th Kiss - Regency Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Alicia Holland     author's page

A Woman's Story - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Naomi Holland     author's page

Mended Wings - Inspirational Romance     excerpt      interview

Jane Hollingsworth     author's page

The House in the Steeple - Paranormal      excerpt    interview

William D. Honey     author's page

Blue Bark - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt     interview

Ralph E. Horner     author's page

Tandem Tryst - Paranormal Romance     excerpt

Witch's Moon - Paranormal     excerpt

Midnight Mist - Paranormal Romance     excerpt

Jeanne Howard     author's page

Seasons Of Forgetting - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Jared's Promise -   Paranormal Romance      excerpt     interview

Karen Hudgins    author's page

Next Year's Promise - Contemporary Romance     excerpt    interview

One Night With Zorro - Contemporary Romance     excerpt    interview

Midnight With Maverick - Contemporary Romance      excerpt     interview

Tonight With Tarzan - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Best Man - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

When Hearts Speak - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Debbie Hull     author's page

The Men of Her Dreams - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Renee Hultin     author's page

From the Heart - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Peter Hurley     author's page

Beyond The Rain - Mystery     excerpt

Suzanne M. Hurley     author's page

Changeable Facades - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Delusions - Romantic Mystery     excerpt

Chances - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Shades Of Envy - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Nice Girls Can Win - Women's Fiction     excerpt     interview

Who Did It? - Suspense     excerpt

Wings Of The Past - Women's Fiction     excerpt

The Teddy Bear Eye Club - Young Adult     excerpt


Ayn Hunt     author's page

The Haunting - Gothic Romance     excerpt     interview

Carol A. Hurt    author's page

And Thou Shalt Love Thine Enemy - Historical Romance      excerpt

Madeline J. Huss     author's page

The Dandelion Patch - Young Adult     excerpt     interview



Salina Jivani     author's page

Deja Vu - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Benjamin F. Jones     author's page

400 Years Between Stars - Futuristic/Sci-fi     excerpt

Diana Lee Johnson    author's page

Waltz in Time - Paranormal Time-Travel Romance     excerpt    interview

Wrong Side of Love - Historical Romance      excerpt    interview

Castle of Sorrows - Contemporary Romance     excerpt    interview

Tomorrow Came Early - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Too Late For Tomorrow - Historical Romance      excerpt     interview

Just Deserts - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Hello, I'm Carolyn Nobody - Encore L'Amour      excerpt     interview

Unraveled - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Joel Jurrens     author's page

In the Lake - Mystery/Crime     excerpt


Mary A. Kalen     author's page

Lonely Nevermore - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Marilyn Nichols Kapp      author's page

Return to Madrona - Paranormal     excerpt    interview

Echoes of Drowning Creek - Historical Romance     excerpt    interview

Where the Fire Thorns Grow -  Romantic Suspense      excerpt    interview

W. C. Keesey     author's page

Lost In The Mist - Paranormal Romance    excerpt     interview

The Walk Home - Historical Gothic Romance     excerpt

Charles Rayner Kelly     author's page

Lovelace Superstar - Futuristic/Sci-Fi/Fantasy     excerpt

Mary Jean Kelso      author's page

The Homesteader - Historical Romance Book 1    excerpt     interview

Goodbye Is Forever - Young Adult Mystery     excerpt     interview

The Homesteader Legacy - Historical Romance  Book 2   excerpt     interview

Back To The Homestead - Historical Romance  Book 3   excerpt     interview

Life On The Homestead - Historical Romance  Book 4   excerpt

No Time For Goodbye - Young Adult     excerpt     interview

Annabel's Story - Historical Romance Book 5     excerpt     interview

Never Say Goodbye - Historical Romance     excerpt

Emma Kennedy     author's page

A Dark Wyoming Wind - Romantic Suspense     excerpt    interview

C. W. Kesting     author's page

Rubicon Harvest - Sci-Fi/Futuristic     excerpt

Thrones For The Innocent - Paranormal     excerpt

Envar Island - Sci-Fi/Futuristic     excerpt     interview

This Garden Of Souls - Sci-Fi/Futuristic     excerpt

Therese Kinkaide     author's page

Luther's Cross - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Fairytale - Suspense/Thriller    excerpt

Shane Kinsey     author's page

Facade - Suspense - Thriller     excerpt

Diana Kirk     author's page

Sex, Lies and Rodeo Games - Contemporary Romance     excerpt    interview

Rhonda Kirk     author's page

Yesterday's Child - Contemporary Romance      excerpt     interview

duo - Walter L. Kleine and Linda Suzane     author's page

Bitsy And The Biker - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Allison Knight    author's page

The Secrets of Hanson Hall - Gothic Romance     excerpt    interview

The Brides of Owls Head - Gothic Romance     excerpt    interview

Bargained Vows - Contemporary Romance     excerpt    interview

Simon's Brides - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Too Late To Scream - Gothic Romance     excerpt     interview

Susanne Marie Knight     author's page

Alien Heat - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance     excerpt

The Reluctant Landlord - Historical Romance      excerpt    interview

A Continental Marriage - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Ed Koonce     author's page

Above The Storm - Inspirational Romance     excerpt     interview

Whisper of the Ozarks - Inspirational Romance     excerpt

Sr. Christine Kresho     author's page

At The Last Supper - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

The Second Time Around - Paranormal Mystery     excerpt     interview

Deede Kress     author's page

My Priest, My Husband - Romantic Suspense     excerpt

Carey Krieger     author's page

Second Chances - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview


Rosina LaFata     author's page

Sweet Temptation - Contemporary Romance      excerpt     interview

Avenging Angel - Historical Romance     excerpt    interview

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Too Small For A Gate - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

The Best Of The Worst Times - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

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A Menopause Murder: Harem - Encore L'Amour/Mystery     excerpt

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A Menopause Murder: Hot Pursuit - Encore L'Amour/Mystery     excerpt     interview 

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Eyes Of Truth - Fantasy Mystery     excerpt

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The Dark Room - Horror     excerpt     interview

Serendipitous Rose -  Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Promises Broken - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Clara's Legacy - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Whispers In The Rain - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

'Till Death Do We Part - Paranormal Romance     excerpt     interview

Cider Creek Plantation - Paranormal Romance     excerpt

The Lost Stars - Paranormal Romance     excerpt

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If I Should Die Before I Wake - Horror     excerpt

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Aura of War - Historical Fiction     excerpt

Soldier Of Misfortune - Historical Fiction     excerpt

Lucifer's Project - Paranormal Science Fiction     excerpt

Addiction - Historical Fiction     excerpt

My Jungle - Mainstream     excerpt

The Khartoum Project - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt

The Falcon Project - Futuristic/Sci-fi     excerpt

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The Client With The Lackluster Diamonds - Mystery     excerpt     interview

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End Game - Fantasy     excerpt

A Gift Of Butterflies - Paranormal     excerpt

A Legacy Of Butterflies - Paranormal     excerpt

A Betrayal Of  Butterflies - Paranormal     excerpt

Soulfarm - Paranormal     excerpt     interview

Ishtal - Paranormal     excerpt     interview

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Pulse Of Evil - Horror     excerpt     interview

Anita Lourcey Tooke     author's page

Out of Her Dreams - Romantic Mystery     excerpt    interview

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Love Wins - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

Voyage Of The Heart  - Historical Romance     excerpt     interview

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The Silver Rattle - Light Horror     excerpt


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Memory and Desire - Contemporary Mainstream     excerpt     interview

According To The Rules - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

Children Of St. Ives - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

Lila’s Protégé - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

Before The Stars Fade - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

Daughter Of Spain - Historical      excerpt      interview

Heir To The Good Times - Mainstream     excerpt

No Escape From Love - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

A Matter Of Blood - Mainstream     excerpt     interview

You Can Bank On It - Mainstream      excerpt     interview

Rose Of The Rio Grande - Historical Romance     excerpt

Love Beyond Tomorrow - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

A New Day - Historical Romance     excerpt

Ties That Bind - Contemporary Romance     excerpt

Gigolo - Mystery      excerpt

A Perfect Husband - Women's Fiction     excerpt

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Big Bad Wolfe - Contemporary Romance     excerpt      interview

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One Lane Bridge - Romantic Suspense     excerpt      interview

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Moon Over Chicago - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Her Name Is Mommy - Cozy Mystery     excerpt     interview

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A Mistress Gets A Master - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

Destiny's Song - Contemporary Romance     excerpt     interview

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Saved Times Three - Young Adult     excerpt     interview

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Death by Candlelight - Mystery     excerpt    interview

Candlelight and Shadows - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Skull Music - Romantic Suspense     excerpt     interview

Watch For The Raven - Young Adult Historical Fiction     excerpt     interview

The Pink Lady Slipper - Romantic Mystery Suspense     excerpt     interview

Bed And Breakfast Murders - Mystery Detective     excerpt     interview

Small Town Secrets - Mystery     excerpt     interview

Ghost Music Of Vaudeville - Mystery/Detective     excerpt     interview

Knapsack Secrets - Mystery/Detective     excerpt     interview

Ancient Secrets - Mystery/Suspense     excerpt

Fin, Fur and Fatal - Cozy Mystery      excerpt

Money Isn't Everything - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Cauldron - Suspense/Thriller     excerpt

Antique Armor - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

Diamonds, Death and Deceit - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

July Heat - Mystery/Crime     excerpt

My Brother's Keeper - Mystery/Suspense     excerpt     interview

Cold Walter - Young Adult Mystery/Suspense     excerpt     interview

Orchestrated Murder - Mystery/Suspense     excerpt     interview

April Shauers' Bloodhounds - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

Patchwork - Cozy Mystery     excerpt

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Of Man And Monster - Paranormal     excerpt     interview

Freak City - Paranormal Romance     excerpt     interview

Lady Of Blades - Fantasy     excerpt     interview

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