Submissions Guidelines

Actively looking for all genres!!!

Check our sample contract

***No simultaneous submissions!***

This means that you are not to submit a manuscript to us and another publishing house at the same time.



Absolutely no rape scenes in any genre.

No manuscripts will be accepted with pictures in the body  of the book (Picture books)!


Please follow the manuscript preparation shown below or the manuscript will not be accepted!


1. Query First

Send an email letter to . The letter should contain a brief synopsis of your manuscript. Identify the genre of your manuscript in the subject line of your email. If it is a genre in which we are seeking manuscripts and meets our needs, we will send you an invitation. Do not send your manuscript without an invitation.

*We do not accept submissions of manuscripts which are erotica or about alternate life styles.

2. Invited Submission Formatting Guidelines

3. Genres

A. Romance novels (Absolutely nothing over 120,000 words)


B. Any genre with an older heroine (age 40 and above)

C. Young Adult (40,000  to 50, 000 words)

 Young adult-- ages 12 to 17

D. Middle Reader (word count commensurate to the story. No picture books)

E. General Fictions 

(These will have very little or no romance, 60,000 minimum word count and absolutely nothing over 120,000 words)

4. Manuscript Preparation


-Cover page to include in the Upper Left Hand Corner:

-Cover page to include (centered vertically and horizontally):

-Use only one blank line-space at the top of the first page of each chapter
(extra white space is not needed in e-publishing)

-SPELL OUT THE CHAPTER NUMBER with upper and lower case on the left margin at the top of the first page of each chapter. Number chapters with One, Two, Three, etc, not with word Chapter and not with 1, 2, 3, etc. No digits!

-Use a hard page break at the end of the text on the last page of each chapter.


-Use Single space

-Do Not put blank lines between paragraph and use .2 first line indent on paragraph

-Do Not put blank lines between scenes but use a scene marker like ~ * ~ for scene breaks.

Do not use em dashes. Use double hyphens to indicate an interruption of dialogue or direct thought. There are no spaces on either side of the double hyphens

Ellipses indicate the trailing off of or trailing in to speech or dialogue.
Three periods with no spaces between them are used for ellipses. Example: "Well, I thought…" Mattie brushed at a stray lock of hair, "…we could go to Disney World."

-Please do NOT use HTML

-Please remove underline/underscore and change to italics

Additional Tips:

Wings ePress, Inc. does not accept or publish X-rated books, erotica, or manuscripts about alternative life styles. An author can write fairly steamy scenes, but it must be appropriate for the material. Write the kind of love scenes with which you feel comfortable and the chances are we'll be fine with it. With the greater freedom with e-novels, our word count is 50,000-120,000 words, though we will look at longer books when the story warrants the length. We are not interested in seeing manuscripts with less than 50,000 word count for any genre other than Young Adult books.

We look forward to reading your manuscripts.

Pat Evans, Acquisitions,
Wings ePress, Inc.,
Submissions address: