Instructions for Kindle

1. Download the file to a location on your PC like your documents folder. The file extension is .prc
2. Connect your Kindle to your PC with your USB cable.
3. Open your Kindle folder on your Kindle through the PC. A box should pop up and you'll click on the file button.
4. Open your document folder on your Kindle
5. Copy the downloaded file to your Kindle.
6. Unplug your USB cable and you should have your book on your Kindle.

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Wings ePress has a very secure shopping cart. We cannot add funds or make changes to transactions. Some times an error is made or a customer prefers a different mode of postage than regular media mail. Since PawPrints does fulfillment for Wings ePress, we have made arrangements for Linda to contact you if an error is made or extra postage costs are generated. She has set up a PayPal button on her website and will contact you with information if more postage is required or if you note on your order that your prefer UPS or Priority mail over the more conventional media mail option.


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Problems, questions about returns of paperbacks email Pawprints at

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On November 16th, 2003, Wings donated the daily profits from that day's sale.