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Elaine Contrell

The Captain and the Cheerleader

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With a triumphant glare Susan’s way, Robin said, “Susan bet me fifty dollars she could get you to ask her out. Some of the rest of them got in on it too. They didn’t want you to find out, but I think you deserve to know.”

“That’s what I was going to tell you yesterday when Melissa came over,” Susan cried. “I wouldn’t take the money because it was an awful thing to do. You know how much fun we had on Saturday. Can you forgive me for being so stupid?”

Kurt’s face turned beet red. He laughed. “Why, it’s okay, Susan. Why didn’t you tell me about it? I’d have been glad to win you the money. Take it. You earned it.” With a long, hard look at Susan, he spun around and left the lounge.

“You’re a piece of work,” Susan spat at Robin. “You wanted to hurt me, but you hurt him too. Don’t you ever think about anybody but yourself?”

She ran after Kurt and caught him right in front of his office door. “Please, listen to me. It isn’t like Robin’s making it out to be.”

Kurt stared into her eyes. “You didn’t make a bet that you could make me ask you out?”

“Yes, I did, but sleeping with you wasn’t a part of the bet. I did that because I wanted to.”

“You slept with me because you got drunk, and I was stupid enough to think it might have been something more. Leave me alone. There’s nothing more to say.”





Lilly Linville

Annie's Faith

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He looked over with a frown on his face. “About what?”

“I’m serious about getting a job. I know I didn’t make a lot teaching piano lessons, but it brought in extra money.”

“I told you I’m not coming home from work to listen to some kid banging on the piano.”

Annie sighed, “Yes, you made that perfectly clear. I plan to start looking next week.”

“Do whatever you want. There’s talk at work about cut backs.”

With her stomach in knots, and wanting to avoid the irritation rising in his voice, she didn’t ask him any further questions and picked up her book.

Annie looked over an hour later and realized John had fallen asleep. She yawned and decided to take a quick shower and read in bed while waiting up for Leah and Rafe.

Fifteen minutes before eleven o’clock, she heard her daughter tiptoeing down the hall.

Leah entered her parents’ bedroom. “Dad’s snoring in the den like a freight train,” she whispered.

“Yeah, he was sleeping so soundly, I didn’t wake him. How was Coal Miner’s Daughter?

“It’s a great movie. You’d like it. Good music and Sissy Spacek did a fantastic job as Loretta Lynn. You and Dad should go see it.”

Annie couldn’t remember the last time she and John had been to a movie together. “It’s been a while, but I would like to see it. “It’s late, honey. Go on to bed.”

Yawning, Leah said, “Goodnight Mom, thanks for waiting up for me.”

“That’s not a problem,” Annie smiled. “I can’t close my eyes until I know you and your brother are safely home. He promised he wouldn’t be late. I’ll read until he gets in.”




L. A. Roberson

The Stowaway Bride

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She lifted the curtain and peeked slightly out from under its hem. The lamp on the desk burned low. Should she? Her heart raced with the temptation to have a look at him. Would she get another chance? As it was, she wouldn’t know him if she passed him on the street. Besides, it would only take her a moment to see him, and satisfy most of her questions.

He slept soundly. If he remained a mystery, she would forever wonder. Therefore, she would spend her entire life listening for his voice from every male who spoke within hearing range. While she dared to ignore the whispered warning of her conscience, she moved with the agility of a sea creature. Careful not to make a sound, the navy blue curtain followed the contour of her shapely figure until she reached a sitting position at the side of his bunk. With her fingers pressed to the floor she stretched to see over its edge. His sun-lightened hair feathered the back of his muscular shoulders. His right arm resting on the curve of his side symbolized strength. But, she couldn’t help the disappointment when she saw his face was turned to the wall opposite her.

She lingered until he began to move. Ashton sank to the floor and waited for his shifting to end. A mere moment passed before her curiosity got the best of her and she crept upward to the sight of him facing her. She quivered with the onset of attraction and the unexpected notion of familiarity. The masculine curve of his jaw contoured with stubble bore a resemblance to the stranger she couldn’t forget. Were her eyes and her memory playing tricks on her? Could he really be the one and the same man? Had fate tricked her? The coincidence seemed farfetched. Yet, while she searched his features for the truth, his eyes popped opened.

Ashton froze. She dared not breathe or blink while the sky blue eyes that had captured her months ago, gazed upon her now. He looked groggy and she prayed he would believe her to be an illusion. Instead he blinked, and she knew the spirit within him moved. Fate had turned against her.




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