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Lily Linville

Mariah's Gift

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A full moon cast long, dark silhouettes across the pasture from the tall bare trees surrounding the farm. The clear night sky glistened like diamonds in the cold November air. Joe and Mariah huddled together watching the splendid display of shooting stars.

Snuggling closer to keep each other warm, he nuzzled her neck. Joe wrapped his arms tighter around his very pregnant wife as their eyes followed another star streaking across the sky. “Honey, did you make a wish on that one?”

“I did.” She smiled and placed her hands over his. “I wished that our child would be here soon. But I’m trying to be patient.”

“From the strong kick I just felt, I don’t think it’ll be long before your wish comes true.”

Mariah leaned back against her husband’s warm body. “I’m so excited about becoming a mother. I can hardly wait to hold our baby in my arms.”

He laid his head on her shoulder. “You just have to be patient a little longer. I already know you’re going to be a wonderful mother. I remember how the children back home always flocked around you. Your sweet ways drew them like a magnet.”

“Joe, have you thought about how special this year will always be for us with the baby coming next month? Our lives will never be the same.




Mary Ann Mogus

Cloud Walker

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“What the hell?” Gordo asked when his ears caught the stuttering of an airplane engine. “Give me that thing.” He took the headset from the man trying to operate the radio and not having much luck with it. Gordo frowned. “This dial is for frequency,” he explained with a sliver of impatience. “See.”

“Warrenton base,” Amber’s voice sounded faint but recognizable.

“Gordo here, Amber, what happened?”

“Gordo, I’ve been hit. I’m almost out of fuel and there’s smoke and oil in the cockpit.”

“Dump the rest of your fuel and land the damn thing,” Gordo ordered. “The field is cleared.”

“I can’t land in the field. If I crash, the others will have trouble landing and I can’t make a second pass. I don’t think I can stay conscious that long.”

Gordo felt the hair on his neck stand up. His heart began to race. “Clear the field!” he shouted to the troops serving as the ground crew and waiting for the planes to return. “Get me the fire extinguishers Cc imported. You know where they are.”




Shari Rood

The Secret Lives of the Harvested

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Joe was late getting home and it made him anxious. Any change in the daily routine had that effect. He was always afraid of catching them together in his house, in his bed. He pulled into the gravel driveway nearly running over his youngest son’s tricycle. He got out, grabbing the still warm bag of take-out he’d bought.

As he approached the door, he felt the darkness coming over him. It often did as he approached the house. Would they or wouldn’t they, the darkness kept asking, over and over. He fantasized about finding them. What he’d say. The wild gleam in his eye as he swung his brand new ax into that cheating skull of hers and the sound it would make as it split open.

The door was open. Brent was waiting for him and he wiped his mind clean with his invisible eraser. He had plenty of time for thoughts like that later, after a few drinks, in his den where Jasmine never deigned to grace him with her presence.



Kev Richardson

What if?

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Britain in mid-1941 was already helplessly staggering.

Why Hitler, with all France’s northern seaports at his disposal, didn’t then invade has remained a quandary. Had his astoundingly easy successes in subjugating even more of Europe than had the Romans two thousand years prior made him overconfident about the threat Britain posed? It seems history proved that possibility right.

So what would have been the war’s course had he not turned on Russia at that time but invaded defenceless Britain? Can we imagine what the combined might of the Axis Bloc’s multi-millions may have done once Britain was out of the war? And could the United States as readily have outmatched Japan’s manufacturing if Germany had then been supporting Japan in the Pacific campaigns?




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