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DB Dakota

The Hunt For Avon's Ghost

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“Yee-ha! ’Mornin’, America! Me again, ya’all, foamin’ at the mouth at our stuntman in the White House, rippin’ off a corner of our country and waddin’ it up into a spitball. I mean, what else do you think those desert nomads are going to do with it? They make gypsies look like paragons of virtue. You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you? That’s what you’ve got your radio for, because I’m gonna tell you again.

“That El Ecbat thing? I mean, how’s about that new district, that political enclave, carved out of Colorado’s Fremont County, just whacked right out of it? I’ve got details. Hey, I’m up to speed. El Ecbat Colony, it’s called. Colony—you understand? I mean, do you know what a colony is? What it does? Just lying there? Soaking up taxes? Do I have to go look it up for you?”

The region, a colony, was defined as a portion of territory, within or surrounded by, a larger territory, whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct.

“You gotta for sure remember me from yesterday, but let me haul off and introduce myself, Buzzy Redstone, and pardon my cold, I’m all girl, not frog. I’ve got all the talk that’s fit to listen to, so let’s pick out our ears and dive right into it, that El Ecbat farce.

“You know about the Constitution, what it is? Heard of it? Our old ancestor-created checklist of freedoms that’s being tromped on? Know the one I’m talking about? The Constitution thing you heard about in school but weren’t taught the contents of? Or importance? Huh? Furgit about it. That’s what the president did, yep, turned his head, ignored it.




Mary Jean Kelso

Never Say Goodbye

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Before she took her first step she felt a spray of dirt shower down on her head as the man slid to a stop above her on a mound of earth atop the tunnel bracing over the entry.

He pointed the gun directly at her while he clung to the woman’s arm.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. “This is private property. A person could get killed here real easy and no one would ever know it. No one would know to even come looking for them.”



Lilly Linville

Calllie's Wish

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At the pool the next day, they hurried to get into the cool, refreshing water.

Carol Lee started up the steps to the diving board. “I’m going to practice my swan dive.”

“I’ll stay in the water and watch you. That way I can tell you if your feet are together. I might try it later, but the water feels too good right now.”

When Carol Lee swam over to the side, she asked, “How did it look?”

“Great,” Callie said. “Don’t look now, but you should have seen that boy standing over there watching you.”

“Oh him, I saw him earlier. He’s cute, isn’t he?”

“I think he plays ball with Chris, but I don’t know his name. I’ll ask Chris next time I see him.”

“Callie, Chris doesn’t come around like he used to, does he?”

“I know and I really miss him. Mama says I have to remember we’re growing up and our interests are changing.”

“Yeah, he likes girls and we like boys.” Carol Lee grinned. “And the one we were talking about is heading this way.”

“Hey, mind if I join you? I’m Bill Hampton.”




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