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Sef Bumaat

Anh To Be Surprised

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Her unblinking stare fixed on me.

Pressing my right palm, I inhaled some more. “I knew I made a mistake putting you in my Facebook family relationship as my...”

“Sister,” Anh said.

“Yeah, ’coz umm, I knew deep inside that I could love you more than that. Anh, please don’t think that you’re my, ahhh, rebound or replacement from Tenaa ’coz I know that deep inside my heart, you’re ummm, truly worth it.” I didn’t realize I’d already said ‘worth it’ twice. This is the point where romance on the silver screen meets the even more colorful reality. No matter how well we rehearse our daring lines, we always screw up when we face the ones we love and tell them how we feel.

“Yeah, I know about that bro-sis thing in Facebook. I was even surprised with that.”

“So what I’m trying to tell you—why, ummm, I visited you right now is that I, I...” I was at a loss of words again.

“What?” Her pupils dilated and the corner of her smile almost touched her ears. This was one of those listed in Signs If She’s into You, the article I sent her in chat months before.




JoEllen Conger

The Sound And The Silence

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After dark, Bob and I joined some others on the top of the hill behind the camp. The ships back at the beach were under attack by Kamikazes. The air was full of anti-aircraft fire, tracers laying a heavy crisscross lace above the water. Ships were exploding and burning at their moorings and planes were detonating in midair. We could easily hear the rumble of the explosions from where we were. It made me think of watching a fireworks show back at home, on the Fourth of July. But this time there were no oohs and aahs. Once in a while, I could hear someone say, “Jesus!” or “Damn, look at that!”

The battle went on for several hours. It occurred to me that back there were all our supplies. If the Japanese destroyed them, we would be in big trouble. Bob and I went back down to camp; we just didn’t want to watch the carnage any longer; our troops were dying down there. Later, other men sauntered down and said it was all over. They said they could see at least a half dozen of our ships burning




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