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~ Your Manuscript's Journey To Publication ~


At Wings ePress, Inc. we are aware the Reader's opinion is subjective. Any art form is subjective and writing, painting, sculpting, are all art forms which may engender widely varying opinions about what is "good" and what is "bad." That does not mean that one opinion is wrong while the opposing view is right. It only means each has a different way of seeing what is there and either liking it or not.

Because of this, we want to give every manuscript submitted to us a fair and even chance. Submissions are sent to our Reader Coordinator who then sends them to the Readers. After reading the manuscript the Readers fill out a form which they turn in to us.


The Readers are looking for:


(1) Good story, a story that pulls the reader in and keeps her turning the pages to the hopefully satisfying conclusion;


(2) Characters that are compelling and make us care about them and what happens to them; and


(3) Mechanics, i.e. good writing skills.


The latter is not nearly so important as the first two but we judge the writer on the professional presentation of her work. It is to the writer's benefit to send in the cleanest and most well-edited manuscript she is capable of presenting.


When the Readers turn in the forms, we read through them and make our decisions on whether or not to contract the novel. We may, when time permits, also read the manuscript ourselves. We will make time to read the manuscript on those occasions when the Readers have diametrically opposing views of what they read. But the bottom line is that we never depend on the evaluation of only one Reader.


If your manuscript is contracted and you have signed and returned your contract to our corporate office, we will assign an Editor to work with you. The Editor will go through your manuscript looking for grammar errors, typographical errors and logic errors. She will suggest ways to smooth the flow of the story, strengthen character development and story, and in every way possible, try to make your story the best it can be.


An Editor does not make changes in your manuscript other than inserting editorial comments before sending it to you for your revisions. At that time you are expected to make the revisions suggested unless you feel it would compromise your story or your characters in some way.


After the editing process your manuscript will go to the Senior Editor of the department and she will assign it to a Copy Editor. It is the task of the Copy Editor to go through the manuscript and make sure that it is as clean as it can possibly be -- no typos, grammar errors or logic errors. A Copy Editor may not make substantial changes in the manuscript. If logic errors are found, the manuscript will come back to you and your editor asking for the solution to fix it.


When the manuscript is copy edited it goes back to the Senior Editor to read through and if all is well, it will then be sent to production at the appropriate time for the publication date given you. At that time you will receive your galleys. It is very important that you go through them with a fine tooth comb and look for typos and so forth. It will be your last opportunity to catch any problems. The next time you see your book it will be a published novel.